CB with Helen and the Snake


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CB with Helen and the Snake

Colin Bellwood's first artistic successes came in the highly competitive Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, in which a total of eight works of his have been hung. There have also been three one man shows, two in London and one in Edinburgh and his paintings with their unique combination of paper collage and oil can now be found in private collections in Europe and the United States.

He first occupied his attic studio in Seville in 2006 and since then he has divided his time between it and his native Yorkshire.

He is also the author of two novels: Jack Remnant (2008) and The Proof of the Soul (2011).


My Thanks to The Last Man Standing and the other cards players of the much mourned Flaherty's, who have seen fit to facilitate another production. My thanks also to Maria and Manuela and to Carlos and the visual artisits at Luis Crux. How much these twenty one paintings inform these twenty one poems and vice versa a la Wild Bill I don't know, but they are all the product of Seville's impact, its light and its lifestyle and so they are presented together here. I have never cared too much for writing about visual art and if I could word what these poems are about in a little preface they would be superfluous, so I will limit myself to these thanks and a genuflection for a place that - whatever my personal experience and search within it has been - can certainly lay claim to being one of the mose beautiful cities in the world.